Testimony of Mr. Muthukumar

Testimony of Mr. Muthukumar

Dear Trichos Team,

I feel very happy & blessed for having decided to take treatment from you!

Gone were the days, when I felt saddened and insecure whenever I looked myself in the mirror. My baldness no longer stares back to mock at me.

Thanks to my sister’s continuous encouragement and her friend’s timely advice to consult Dr John Watts (a friend of my sister’s friend), Trichos expertise turned out to be a godsend at a crucial period of my life.

My baldness came with a personal cost as many alliances came my way but none of them materialised. I was a little sceptical visiting hair loss treatment clinic as I was unsure about the results but after my sister’s insistence, I turned up at Trichos – a decision that changed my life!

I have no words to express my gratitude to Trichos team and feel proud to have been under the personal care of Dr John W, Trichos chief hair transplant surgeon.

My marriage was six months away post engagement and it was the time I have seen excellent hair regrowth on the balding site after a successful fue hair transplant procedure at Trichos.

Thank You Dr John W & team.

Muthukumar Chennai

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              Disclaimer: While hair transplants are generally safe and effective, as with any medical procedure, there can be minimal and temporary side effects based on specific or underlying medical condition of the individual patient. Please consult in person with our qualified medical team at Trichos for a thorough assessment of your specific condition and individualized guidance on the potential risks and benefits associated with our hair restoration treatments.

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