If I wear a helmet, will it lead to hair loss? Is it true? Please advise.

Different questions are being raised by fans and followers of Dr John Watts are flooding his series of hugely popular educational videos with queries related to hair transplants and hair growth issues.

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers select shortlisted questions of viewers related to hair growth, hair hall and hair transplant. He has performed over 1900+ hair transplant surgeries successfully.

J Prashant Kumar asks: Sir If I wear a helmet, will it lead to hair loss? Is it true? Please advise.

In his response, Dr John Watts informs Prashant Kumar that wearing a helmet has nothing to do with hair loss and has everything to do with one’s safety.

“If you are riding a two-wheeler, you must wear a standard helmet for your safety. People unnecessarily bring in hair loss as a pretext for not wearing a helmet, which is wrong,” explained Dr John.

Minor Side-Effects:

If one is careless about keeping oneself clean by not taking a regular head bath, there could be some adverse side effects. “When you wear helmets in a hot and humid atmosphere, you tend to sweat. Usually, this is not a problem if you take a regular head bath. But it may become problematic if you fail to clean your scalp properly or forget to take a head bath,” informed Dr John.

Uncleaned sweat leads to the formation of fungus, which takes advantage of the moisture and thrives. “This may lead to dandruff and infection. Eventually, in severe cases, one may notice temporary hair fall but they will again grow back,” said Dr John.

However, if one keeps the helmet dry and one’s scalp clean there is nothing to worry about.

Myths: Helmet Hair Loss

In the interactive video, Dr John Watts also busted certain myths associated with wearing helmets that are mistakenly and unknowingly linked to hair loss. One usual myth that is circulated is that wearing a helmet tight can lead to hair loss. “This is not true as many people tend to wear their inner wears tight, while some wear tight fitting clothes. Did you notice any hair loss because of that?” asked Dr John.

There is another myth that attributes lack of airflow while wearing helmets leading to hair loss. “This too is untrue as our body hair does not get air if we wear tight clothes like jeans but we never lose hair, right,” stated Dr John, while busting this myth as well.

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