What to do before the hair transplant surgery

What to do before the hair transplant surgery

What to do before the hair transplant surgery

This educational video is brought to you by Dr John Watts – one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad – to enlighten the viewers about the mandatory advisory that hair transplant patients need to follow. 

They are necessary before their surgery so that last-minute confusion is avoided and patients get the best of results after the procedure.

For best hair treatment results, patients need to stick to these dos and don’ts and when in doubt, they must crosscheck with their hair transplant surgeons or personal physicians for clarifications.

Smoking/Alcohol Consumption: Dr John Watts cautions hair transplant patients planning to undergo the surgery to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption at least 3-4 days before the procedure.

“They will affect wound healing and blood circulation,” explains Dr John Watts, says the noted hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

Aspirin/Blood Thinners/Pain killers:

For those who are on aspirin or several types of blood thinners (especially used by cardiac patients) or pain killers like Ibuprofen (generic name) prescribed by their respective physicians in the run-up to their surgery, Dr John Watts advises them to consult their physicians and seek other alternative drugs for at least 5 days before the surgery. 

“These drugs will also affect the outcome of the transplant results,” says Dr John Watts, who offers his services at Trichos, which is one of the Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Hyderabad.


In the video, Dr John Watts cautions those taking hair loss treatment drugs like Minoxidil (generic name) to avoid it 4-5 before the transplant surgery. Similarly, those using nutrient supplements or multi-vitamins as prescribed by their physicians too are asked to avoid it for 4-5 days after taking due permission from their physicians.

“These drugs/supplements may aggravate bleeding chances,” says Dr John Watts in the video presentation.

Spicy Food/Coke/Caffeine Beverages/Green Tea:

Known for his honest advice and plain talking, Dr John Watts – who has performed over 1800+ successful hair transplant surgeries – advises the patients to shun spicy food, coke and other beverages containing caffeine including Green Tea (which is generally considered good for health though) at least 2-3 days before the surgery.

“Spicy food may cause stomach irritation for the patient. Similarly, caffeine-based products have the bleeding tendency,” says Dr John Watts.

Hair Trimming:

Those planning a hair transplant surgery are required to trim their hair at least one week before the surgery. However, those planning only a hairline transplant surgery need to go for a specialised style of trimming as suggested by your transplant clinic or hair transplant expert. 

“In hairline transplant surgery, the procedure is performed on a very small area. We look for baby hair growth,” informs Dr John Watts.

Scalp Dandruff:

Prior treatment of dandruff is needed before going for the hair transplant surgery. “We give medication to the patients to control their dandruff,” says Dr John Watts in the video.

Blood Tests/Pre-Covid Test:

Prior to the hair transplant, the patients are needed to undergo routine surgical profile tests including HIV/ HbA1c to check their fitness. Similarly, the patients should have gone for a covid test at least two days before the surgery so that the outcome of the surgery is not affected in any way.

 “The patients are also needed to discuss freely with their transplant surgeons about any medications they are using so that necessary adjustments may be made,” says Dr John Watts.


In this elaborate education video, well-known hair transplant expert Dr John Watts advises the patients to take a light breakfast on the day of the surgery. While concerning clothing, the patients are asked to wear loose-fitting clothes. 

“They should walk into the clinic wearing T-shirts but wear buttoned shirts that are easy to remove when needed,” he says.

Similarly, he cautions against self-driving by the patient immediately after the surgery. 

Rest Period:

Since hair transplant surgeries are mostly outpatient in nature, no extensive rest period is needed for the patients. However, as a precaution, Dr John Watts advises them to rest at least for 1-2 days at their home. 

“Though a patient can walk into his office immediately after the surgery there are chances that some may experience discomfort. Hence, better not to take chances,” says Dr John Watts, ensuring that chances of getting good hair transplant results are not affected in any way.

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