What’s the Ideal Time to Undertake Hair Transplant Before Marriage?

Marriage is a sacred event as a lot of things including emotions get invested in this ceremony. Everyone wants it to happen perfectly. This is where the hair transplant procedure may come in as perfect looks matters for many a bridegroom for this important event.

But what is the ideal time to undergo a hair transplant if one is scheduled for marriage? Can one undergo a hair transplant 10-15 days before marriage or is there a need to plan it on a long-term basis?

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – explores this important topic and demystifies it. He has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures

Right Time for Hair Transplant:

If one wants to get that perfect natural look that stays permanent during the marriage, the right ideal time to undergo a hair transplant is one year in advance. 

“Planning a hair transplant one year before the marriage date is the best ideal time. There is a short-term solution too. It is called a long hair transplant if one is short of time but it comes with some limitations,” answered Dr John Watts.

The Science Explained:

Even if the question is not about getting the perfect look for your marriage photographs or video shoots, one needs to understand that for transplanted hair to grow naturally in its long-form it takes about 9-12 months.

“Usually, 15-20 days after a hair transplant, the transplanted hair shafts fall off for the implanted stem cells to grow, which needs around 2-3 months. For these stem cells on the transplanted region of the scalp to grow in full shape and form, it again needs about 9 months,” explained Dr John.

This explains why a bridegroom needs to plan a hair transplant at least one year in advance of the marriage date.

However, the shortcut to this problem is to opt for a long hair transplant if one is running short of time and cannot plan it one year in advance. 

“The long hair transplant can be undertaken 10-15 days of the marriage. However, after the marriage, the transplanted hair will fall off to let the stem cells grow properly in its place,” informed Dr John.

Comfortability Matters:

 Even one can look good with a bald head as it all depends on how one carries himself or how one looks at oneself in the mirror. “The question is are you comfortable with your bald look. If yes, then opting for hair transplant at someone else’s instance should not be done,” explained Dr John.

However, Dr John added, that a hair transplant can create a perceptional change in how one appears and one may actually feel that one has become younger by 3-4 years. “This would also boost one’s confidence,” informed Dr John.

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